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Fall Fundraising Campaign

Hello Everyone!

Please join us over the next few weeks and check out our Halloween auction. Beginning this Friday, the auction will sell props and collectors' items from both Sanctuary and Stargate. We have another one of Magnus' beautiful handmade leather jackets from Sanctuary, a cool Stargate courier bag, and other props and collectors' items from both shows. Auction runs through until Sunday, November 9th, so check it out. Items can now be viewed on our auction page.


Starting November 15th, our fall fundraising campaign  "Pieces and Places" kicks off with a new twist. This year, instead of building houses to raise money, we will be visiting places that we support with our funding and building puzzles as we go. As in past years, the puzzles can be built as teams or individual donations will collectively complete the puzzles as we go.


As a special thank you to our regular monthly donors who donate $20/month or more to ‘Sanctuary for Kids’, your name will automatically be entered for a SKYPE chat with Amanda Tapping. Anyone can have this opportunity - if you sign up as a monthly donor during this campaign, you also will be entered in the draw which will take place on February 15th. The actual date for the SKYPE chat will be arranged after the closing date of the campaign.


Near the end of November, we will update our stock in the store, selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops- all black.


Should be a fun camapign. Looking forward to it!