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Earthquake Relief Fund from S4K

April 28th, 2015

Dear Friends;

What a devastation to hit our dear friends in Nepal! It is amazing that in all three organizations, Nepal Orphans Home, Next Generation Nepal, and Asha Nepal, there have been minimal casualties, and all our children our well. Even the buildings are still standing which is a blessing- hopefully they will remain sound. Sanctuary for Kids has often aided countries torn by natural disaster, and this will be no different. Instead of sending aid to trusted organzations, this time it will be going to friends.


Rebuilding from such a disaster will be an enormous job. We will do all that we can on our end to help with this task. They need our immediate help and they will need more down the road in months and years to come. We will do whatever we can to ensure that the children that we support can continue to prosper and that they can achieve their academic and personal goals.


All donations that we collect from now and until the end of May will go to the Earthquake Relief Fund. This will include all monthly regular donations. We will match every dollar that is raised in this time period. We will keep a tally and will let you know each week how the fundraising is going. We will be in close consultation with each organziation to see what their individual needs are and how they want to spend this money and will give you updates on our What's Happening Page, with more in depth stories on our Blog. We will track the fundraising and give updates on the rebuilding through Facebook and Twitter, as well as through the What's Happening page.  Thank you for your continued support of Sanctuary for Kids.


Amanda, Jill, Damian and Sylvia xo