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Community Page

Sanctuary for Kids exists because of the global community that wants to make a difference. We encourage you to fundraise in your own communities in the way that works best for you! Please write in and tell us what you are doing and we will post it here. For more information on organizing your own event click here...







UK - Costume Sale

April 5th, 2014
Big thank you to Claire Cowan who donated the proceeds from the sale of some costumes to S4K

Claire's made $85 at Chevron 8.1 in the UK and a further $115 at a private sale. $200 total. Very generous and much appreciated.


gERMANY - Biathlon for S4K

Update March 18th, 2014

Yea!  - Bea Lang and her team of athletes completed their biathlon at Todtnau in Germany's beautiful Black Forest.
Bea and her friends - Carmen,Tanja. Vera, Rena, Heidi, and Manuela, cross-country skiied their way across the snow. Falling down - then jumping up to shoot the targets, laughing a lot I am sure! ALL FOR S4K.  What a challenge - well done people! Thank you also to the hotel Gersbacherhof and Nordic-Schule Notschrei - ski school that helped sponsor this event. The total money raised will be announced shortly.
You can still sponsor them
#ActionForS4K_Biathlon via the S4K website!

Biathalon After


CANADA - “From Kids to Kids with Love”

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
4pm at Hillside Baptist Church

870 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver

Tickets at the door: Adults $20, Children free

Concert followed by reception

All proceedings are going to Sanctuary for Kids

“The main inspiration for our concert “From Kids to Kids with Love” came from the idea of my students, the children with all the necessary resources to thrive, helping out others who are less fortunate, by performing and sharing the love of music. This event will be a wonderful opportunity for us to give back a little of what we’ve been given. It helps us to keep perspective on what is most important in life, as there is no greater value and satisfaction that comes with helping others”.

Thank you so much, this is so heartwarming.

from kids to kids

AUSTRALIA – Climbing Everest for “Hope”

Beginning - March 1st, 2014

Marnie, Michelle, Hanna and Jen will be climbing Everest base camp for baby "HOPE" at Nepal Orphans Home.

"This two week gruelling trek will test our determination and commitment and knowing we have everyone’s donations to hand deliver to Hope at the end, will give us the strength to achieve this monumental challenge. We would love your support by donating as much as you can to this wonderful cause”.

Follow this incredible effort on their Facebook page. Donations can be made through the website Climbing Everest For Hope

climbing everest


Virtual AT Event (VA2)

UPDATE - April 5th, 2013

Thank you Harmony and friends for organizing this and most of all - for raising $624.11 for this fun event.

February 20th - 25th
Not going to AT7 but still want to help Sanctuary for Kids? You’re not alone. In 2012 a virtual event was held for people who were unable to attend the AT6 event in London. This year another event is being held during AT7 which sounds like a lot of fun! Plus you can support Sanctuary for Kids at the same time.

Events include an auction, a scavanger hunt and smaller games.Thanks Harmony and other fans that helped organize this.Full details can be found here - check it out!

Virtual AT Event (VA2)

USA - Amanda Tapping Key chains

UPDATE - April 5th, 2013

Thank you to Wendy Phillips - she raised $72 for these lovely key chains.

Please check out these elegant Amanda Tapping Key Chains from the website of Wendy Phillips' "Fan Art Designs".

Each key chain contain one of Dennys Ilic's famous photographs from his 2011 photo-shoot with Amanda Tapping in Australia. Three different pictures to choose from
Each keychain measures 1.4 inches x 2 inches and is made from 100% quality acrylic just $7.00 each.

All profits from the sale of this keychain to be donated to 'Sanctuary for Kids'.
(Reproduction of Amanda's photograph with kind permission of Dennys Ilic).




UK - DecaffeiNATed

17th February, 2014
UPDATE - Nathalie Emery is once victorious!  She gave up caffeine for Sanctuary for Kids as she did in 2012. This time for two weeks - no caffeinated beverages or chocolate. Guess what? she raised $700 (do we hear cheering?) 
Thanks Nat - for your amazing will power and thank you to all who sponsored her.

UK - Sanctuary Santa

February 17th, 2013
Our thanks to Lisa Coughlan for organizing “Sanctuary Santa” during the 2013 Christmas Season.
$396 was raised for S4K this year – wonderful! thank you to all who participated.

FRANCE - Bracelets for S4K

Pascale Maldonado from France -  is a nurse in neurosurgical intensive care. She made these beautiful and creative bracelets donating the proceeds of $680 to S4K because as she said '"Children's physical and mental suffering affects me a lot". Thank you Pascale.

Bracelets S4K3

SCOTLAND - "Shaving my Head for S4K"

December 16th, 2013
UPDATE.....Julia Smith bravely shaved her head on December 10th and raised an astonishing $2,005. As Julia said "I believe everyone has the ability to make the world a better place for the next generation". Yes indeed - Thank you so much.


October 4, 2013  Julia's plan is to shave her head, down to just stubble sometime in December. She is asking people to donate money to support this daring move. You can support her using hashtag #hair. She is doing this because she wants to others with disabilities, and to show them that while they might need help often, they can all still help others.  Everyone can make a difference no matter what their personal life challenges might be. Look for an update with the final result in December!


cANADA - Bracelets for S4K

Donna Carr created these beautiful bracelets and donated the money she made ($200) to S4K. She said "I cannot think of a better mission than what Sanctuary for Kids stands for - to improve the lives of children around the world".
Thank you Donna!

donnas bracelets2

AUSTRALIA - push-Ups for S4K

December 4th, 2013

UPDATE ........ "SHE DID IT!"

Congratulations to Nicole. What a superhuman effort - 1000 pushups completed which raised a fantastic $1,212.81 for Sanctuary for Kids.Thank you so much! 

November 16th, 2013 - Support and sponsor Nicole Gillespie (gillespie_99 on twitter) as she does 1000 push ups to raise funds for Sanctuary for Kids (S4K). Good Luck Nicole! You go girl!

Nicole Gillespie push ups



Please check out this wonderful book by Marc Cadieux and Herve Bastien. A beautifully written and illustrated Christmas story. The authors are generously donating part of the proceeds from the sale of the books to S4K. The perfect Christmas gift. Thank you so much. UPDATE...Kindle edition is available at

Christmas Nevermore S

        click here - "CHRISTMAS NEVERMORE'


USA - "The Shadows Walk"

Nikki Lyn is generously donating $2 for each sale of her new book "The Shadows Walk" ("Immortalis" saga) to S4K.

You can check it out here - the book is also available from Amazon.  Thanks so much Nikki.

Immortalis bookS

gERMANY - Swimming for S4K

October 27th, 2013 - Beatrice Lang swam for one hour straight for her "Swimming for S4K" fundraiser. She received approval from the City of Boeblingen in Germany for this event and raised an incredible $1,822.00  Well done Bea!

Bea Lang Swim


POLAND - 5th fundraising concert in Poland

October 24th, 2013 - Patrycja Kubiak and the CoOperate Orchestra performed "Call of the Champions" in Poznan, Poland which featured music from "Indiana Jones", "Star Wars", "Home Alone", "Spiderman" and "Call of the Champions". Over the years they have performed to packed audiences and raised thousands of dollars for S4K. This time they raised $900 - Thank you so much.

Cooperate orchestra champions



FINLAND - Sanneke And Sanna Hike for S4K

August 2013 - The Fjällräven Classic is a yearly organized event that takes place in Swedish Lapland. Sanna and Sanneke hiked the110 km with with full packs, weighing little over 15 kg each. This challenging hike took 5 days and raised $1,200 for S4K. What a wonderful experience!
Sanna pic

GERMANY - Community Celebration Honours S4K

August 1, 2013 When Hannah of Stuttgart, was Christened this spring, her mother arranged for the church collection to go towards Sanctuary for Kids. This raised $440 for the charity and gave a new perspective to Hannah and her brother Jan, pictured here. Thank you!




AUSTRALIA - Road to Sanctuary

August, 2013 - Joke Van Laere or Brisbane, Australia -  raised an amazing $2,352.50 for S4K through her "Rainbow Run for Mila" in remembrance of her young niece. Thank you so much Joke.


Joke Van Laere


UK - Road to Sanctuary

August, 2013 - Another contributor to Road to Sanctuary was Tara Kala Wong who raised $175.00 for her walk

Thanks Tara.

tara kala wong


UK - Fishing @ O'Neills Fundraiser July 2013

Fundraiser ran by a group of fans called Fishing for S4K. They raised an incredible $2375 through things like online auction, quizzes and blue jello!
Thanks people!


fishing at ONeils

CANADA - Following one's Passion

July 6, 2013: So Malvina Landen of Vancouver, BC grew up as a huge fan of Stargate. She taught herself to draw and paint by capturing the face of Amanda Tapping. Twelve years later, she has developed considerable skill. In fact, many people agree with her. In less than two months she has raised over $12,300 by selling four drawings and a painting of Amanda. What a way to discover one's gifts! Thank you!




UK - Fishing for Sanctuary for Kids

July 6, 2013: This coming week, a birthday party in London for Jessica De Vries will also be raising money for Sanctuary for Kids. over $180 has already been raised in preparation for the event. There will be an online auction for those who will not be in town. Cheers, and happy birthday, Jessica!


fishing v2

USA - Penny Harvest

In June, 2013 - S4K received $350.00 donation from "Penny Harvest" - A big thank you to the students of Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School in Bronx, New York. The students raised every cent - one penny at a time and chose to support S4K.  Kids helping kids - fantastic.

penny harvest


POLAND - Another Fabulous Night of Music!

April 27th,  Patrycja Kubiak and the CoOperate Orchestra and Choir performed "Flight to Neverland"  for a packed audience in Poznan, Poland. Over $750 was raised for Sanctuary for Kids. Well done!



NEW ZEALAND - Triple Peaks Challenge

March 9, 2013: Jyandra Maciel has completed her 47 km run through New Zealand wine country and whose loyal group of supporters raised over $2000 for S4K along the way. Congratulations, Champa, and thank you!




pOLAND - Orchestra Back by Popular Demand

This Friday, November 30th, the CoOperate Orchestra and Choir will perform "Dry Your Tears" in Poznan, Poland. With over 200 people standing or sitting in the aisles at the concert in October, Patrycja Kubiak and her 243 colleagues decided it was worth a repeat performance. This will be the third concert that they have hosted with all proceeds going to Sanctuary for Kids. Thank you to all organizers and performers!



uK - AT6 Raises over $47000 for Sanctuary for Kids

A very big thanks to the GABIT team who hosted another highly successful fundraising weekend- it is amazing what a small determined group of people can achieve. In addition, it is a warm wonderful time; where friends are re-united, new connections are made, and many laughs are had!


Operation North Pole is Back for a fourth year

If you're not familiar with the project, a minimum donation of $5 CAD to Sanctuary for Kids gives you the ability to send Amanda Tapping a Christmas card (or letter, drawing, etc.) and since Amanda was kind enough to sign two photos at Fan Expo Toronto, we'll also have an auction this year! For more information on how to participate you can visit the Facebook page at or, if you prefer Twitter, direct your tweets to @SanctuaryON




VAT 1 Raises $1000

First ever Virtual Amanda Tapping Event unites supporters unable to go to London and participate in the S4K auction in person. Pariticipants played in a virtual scavenger hunt and made personal donations, all in the name of being a part of it all- great fun! Read more

AUSTRALIA - Push Up Challenge

November 9th, 2012 Personal trainer Nicole Gillespie has organized a push up challenge at her fitness centre in Perth, Australia, for this weekend. All proceeds go to Sanctuary for Kids.



Olympic Torch Bearer, Sunday, July 24th

Julia Hague is one of the Torch Bearers for the Olympic Games in London this weekend. She is working hard to raise awareness for Sanctuary for Kids, through this honour, and is asking people to donate using #TorchFaceLondon2012. Good luck Julia!


3rd Annual Happy Birthday Project

Summer 2012: Project "Happy Birthday from Around the World" is back again this year! A Thank You scrapbook for Amanda Tapping is being put together so fans can tell her how much they appreciate what she's done for them while raising money for Sanctuary for Kids. You can participate for a minimum donation of $5 - just put "Thank You Scrapbook" in the comments section when you donate.

Bracelets for Charity

June 30, 2012: Tina Nowatchik is making corded bracelets and donating the proceeds to Sanctuary for Kids. For $5, you can have one of these homemade bracelets. Check out sizing and details on her blog:



A Virtual Village Video Game

June 14, 2012: Loved building the S4K Village? We invite you to play an interactive video game in the spirit of that fundraiser.  Show that you want to live with S4K, Amanda and all fans/supporters and make a donation to build your own virtual
house, with your own virtual character. Everyone who downloads the
finished game can visit your house then and learn about you. Or use
one of the many many other contribution ideas. Place a gravestone of
honor for someone you loved, so everyone can read your praise. Add
your own humor, figures and action. Possibilties are endless where the real world
ends. Horrible humor and merciless 2D included for a good cause.





To check out Amanda's Village, go to or @ConventionWoes on Twitter


Throwing Shot Put for S4K



Summer 2012: Single mum Sue Rann, of Hexham, Northumberland, is challenging an age-old stereotype this summer by entering the Highland Games as a novice thrower in the Heavy Events: shot put, scottish hammer, throwing the weight for distance, weight over bar, and tossing the caber. All proceeds go to Sanctuary for Kids.


47-year-old Sue was dubious at first because she was English, and thought only Scots could compete, but soon discovered that people all over the world, from Canada to Eastern Europe to Iceland, hold Highland Games! But the biggest surprise was that at most of the Games she has entered, she will be the only female competitor. “It's been a real eye-opener,” Sue says. “When I called the Games committees, they were all terrifically polite, but obviously quite taken aback to be approached by a woman. Of the twenty or so Games I'm competing in this summer, only two or three have Ladies' Heavy Events – in all the rest, I have to enter the Open Heavy Events with the men, and throw the men's weights.” These can weigh up to 56 lbs! check out Sue's blog and consider making a donation to S4K to support her in her efforts.


Running for a Cause



June 8, 2012:  Congratulations to Angela Malmberg and Christina Christensen, who just completed a 10 K run, raising over $400 for S4K.


Postcards for Amanda


Have you got something you’d love to tell Amanda Tapping but you’ve been too scared to say it?  Has she changed your life in a way you can’t express?  Here’s your chance to say it anonymously.  No fear of sounding like a fool and no fear of stuttering over your words.  Small Pebbles are organising a positive fundraiser called Postcards to Amanda.  The cards will be sent in one package at the beginning of August, 2012, so that they hopefully reach Amanda for her birthday.  There is no minimum or maximum donation on this one, and everyone with something positive to say to Amanda can join in. Follow the link for more information.


Raising Hunger Awareness for S4K

On the 22nd of Feb Emily Ahern and Sarah van Breda will begin an attempt to live for one week on just $2 of food and drink a day (the international poverty line).  They wish to raise sponsorship and then donate all proceeds to Sanctuary for Kids, and also to bring awareness to the facts of life for so many less fortunate than ourselves.


No Caffeine for Sanctuary for Kids

Nat Emery is giving up caffeine for the seek of February 1st - 7th. She is seeking sponsors to keep her motivated in her pursuit of a caffeine-free week. Since this is a very strong addiction, this is a serious matter. She will be donating all proceeds to S4K. For more info:



Weight Loss for Sanctuary for Kids

Tina Nowatchik set herself a three month goal and has lost 29.5 lbs, 4 inches from her waist and 3 inches from her hips. She got sponsors to see her through the process and has donated her collection to S4K. Way to go Tina!



Before                                              After

Apple Who Travels Fundraiser

Until February 10th, one of our signed copies of Apple Rocks and Apple Boxes  will be taking a global trek, and making money for us along the way. If you were not able to get a copy of the big and would like to be a part of this fundraiser, check out the blog.




Christmas Card Fundraiser

Operation North Pole is back this year. You can still send a message to Amanda that she will receive for Christmas!


Book of Illumination


Small Pebbles invite you to take part in creating a unique Book Of Illumination for Amanda Tapping, just enter your photo with a donation to s4k, check our website for details, ... you have until 14th January 2012 to enter.



Globetrotting Money-Raising Nubbins

These folks sent these two friends around the world, made a photo album of their travels for each, and auctioned them off at the Sanctuary Experience last summer in Vancouver. What an inspired idea!




Songs for Sanctuary (for Kids) 2!

Jennifer Shark and friends are back to perform in June for us. Thank you so much in advance!Saturday June 25, 2011 at 7.00 pm
The Triad NYC
158 West 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023
Tickets $25
Buy your tickets in advance via or at the door.
The Triad requires a 2 drink minimum. All ages show.
(You must be 21 years old or older to purchase alcohol.)

Vancouver Production for Sanctuary for Kids:

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress a play by Alan Ball. This event took place in March, 2010, with $1 from every ticket sold going to Sanctuary for Kids. Thanks to Krista Rand and company for their great efforts!


Songs for Sanctuary (for Kids)!

January, 2011. This evening of song was a huge success and great fun for all involved. These talented individuals sang their hearts out and raised $1000 for S4K at their most intimate night of song in New York City. Thank you to you all!



 Sanctuary Experience Calendar

Fans from convention are selling a calendar and giving proceeds to Sanctuary for Kids. (To order..)



Greeting card fundraisers have a life of their own!

Kyla and Krystle ran a highly successful birthday card campaign for Amanda this summer. Kyla and Tarrah and are returning to organize Christmas greetings this season. They are also going to have a dvd signed by the cast for a lucky winner. Thanks to these great teams for their energy!


Cast and Crew Host Vancouver Concert

In July FRIENDS OF FOLK, featuring cast, crew and friends of SANCTUARY, hosted a very spirited concert at the Biltmore in Vancouver. Thank you to all the supporters and we will see you next time around!


Head First for Children

Rachel Holt of Great Britain had never jumped out of a plane before. In her enthusiasm to support S4K, she decided that this will be her fundraising intiative. Rachel had a very successful dive in March 2010, and lived to brag about the tale. Good one Rachel!


Sci Fi Germany supports Sanctuary for Kids

After hosting a highly successful "Create your own Monster" contest, the network that airs 'Sanctuary' in Germany is now inviting fans from all across Europe to take the fun and creative winning drawings home - on t-shirts, mugs, bags and much more! Sci Fi Germany is donating all the proceeds from the merchandise sales to S4K.

MonsterPins_websm MonsterT_Websm
Available throughout Europe. For more info and to order online:


Operation North Pole

Kyla Pelletier and Tarrah Stephens led the Christmas card writing campaign which raised over $1000 at Christmas. Each donor sent in a personalized Christmas card to Amanda with a contribution to S4K.



AT4 Convention

At the AT4 Convention in the UK, presented by GABIT Events, the fans showed their generous spirit and love for Tapping which translated into more than £16000 for Sanctuary for Kids. Four lucky fans won a raffle to sit down and chat with Tapping over coffee. Others got into the mood of the event by passing a hat around to contribute while Tapping, always good natured and responsive to her fans, agreed to show off her baton twirling skills for the excited crowd. One of AT4’s organizers donated proceeds from the sale of her own book to the organization. And not wanting the wave of generosity to stop, many big-hearted convention-goers even started donating their own treasured memorabilia and autographed items to the auction so more funds could be raised for the foundation.


Book Proceeds

Julia Hague of England has written You is for Unique, a collection of women’s reflections meant to give voice to real women’s feelings about their own body image and self-esteem issues. All profits from each book sale goes to S4K. Julia has pledged that Sanctuary for Kids will always benefit from the proceeds of the sale of her book and additionally from her growing speaking and networking engagements with women.



One note: Team work, works the best! Below is a photo of our intrepid GABIT team at a recent convention who indeed form the backbone of our fundraising machine. Thank you GABIT!